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Disinfection Service in Bangalore. KBS Home Service is the Best Disinfection Service Providers in Bangalore. Book Professional Disinfection Service at +91 6363617916. It makes a lot of sense to start disinfection services to get rid of the Corona virus in a world where viral activity is at its peak and doing untold harm to both our physical health and the economy. Chemicals, heat, and ultraviolet treatment are some of the methods that Bangalore uses to disinfect against the Corona Virus. Utilising the recommended dosage and concentrations is a scientific technique to get rid of the bacteria

The suggested dosage shouldn't be either increased or decreased. The dosage will be determined by a variety of variables including a site inspection. KBS Home Service provide the best disinfection service in Bangalore with our trained staff. We should employ a broad spectrum disinfectant for office cleaning services that can destroy these enveloped viruses like the corona virus while being safe to use and effective.

The spread of this terrible plague can be stopped the sooner we become aware of our preventive measures since, if left to natural processes, we are already facing a near pandemic of inconceivable proportions. Consult with any expert disinfection services located close to your place of business. So what are you waiting for? Book our Professional Disinfection Service in Bangalore Now!

Service Overview

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Fumigation Service & Supply has the experience, capabilities and equipment to serialize and disinfect high risk microbial outbreaks. It kills and eliminates all forms of microbial life including fungi, viruses, bacteria, protozoa, algae and their spores. This treatment is formulated with anti microbial agents for the use on all hospitals floors, schools, daycare centres, poultry farms, pharmacy industries, restaurants and wash rooms.

  • Our trained technicians will be fully equipped with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for this treatment.
  • Surface disinfestation will be carried out by thoroughly wiping exposed areas such as door knobs, tables, chairs, keyboard, phone handsets and others.
  • Aerial disinfestation will be carried out with a solution as well. If a home has ACs its recommended they remain off prior to the treatment.
  • Treatment area to be enclosed before ventilation and exposed with disinfectant solution for a minimum of 2 hours. Then the treated area should be ventilated for 1 hour at least.
Service Time:
  • 8-12 Hours (depending on BHK)
No. of Servicemen:
  • 2-6 (depending on BHK)

Additional charges applicable for wall cleaning Customer to provide for stool/ladder, water and electrical connection For office and bungalow cleaning, quotation will be provided post inspection Cost inclusive of GST

Frequently Asked Questions

Our products can vary according to local approvals and supply, but all are specially formulated to kill a wide range of microorganisms and ensure safety for all the facilities where they’re applied. The solutions we use are highly efficacious and proven to kill not only bacteria but also viruses and fungi. We have a range of products and working with the customer we can ensure the product used will be the correct solution for their facility.

We have extensive safety procedures in place, developed by our highly experienced team of experts and can undertake disinfection in a wide range of business sectors. Our technicians wear the most suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) for the disinfection service they’re providing, such as respirators, N95 masks, goggles, coveralls, nitrile gloves, and rubber boots, as appropriate.

The cost varies according to the size of the building or area to be treated, the type of facility and the type of service required. We’ll need to carry out a survey of your premises first and discuss the service level that’s right for you before being able to provide an estimate of the cost. Contact our office to arrange a meeting with one of our experts.

Again, this depends on the type of business and what the building is used for. Buildings with large numbers of people visiting or that are more likely to have infected people bringing the virus into it (and other associated risks) will need more frequent treatments to ensure the safety of users.

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- Mohd S

I took their water tank cleaning service and very happy to see their work. Very good cleaning! And the good thing is that it's very easy to book their services and they arrived on time.

- Sanjay Singh

KBS Home Services is a very good company, it works very well and I would like to thank KBS Home Services for their good work.

- Ankit

Best water tank cleaning service provider of Bangalore.

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